Focus Areas

Expanding Young Minds:

Life-long learning and opportunity are tied to education.  The focus is on assisting students in underserved areas or that are economically disadvantaged.  Efforts to improve academic performance, increase access to quality education, and increase the graduation rate and job readiness are considered.

Nurture Creativity:

Through the arts, creativity is sparked; we connect to our heritage, and gain an appreciation for cultural diversity. Art and free expression play a role in shaping individuals and our community.  Increasing exposure to and participation in the visual and performing arts, and arts education for vulnerable populations are the focus.

Protect Our Earth:

Alabama’s treasure is its natural resources.   Our quality of life in part depends on protecting these resources, conserving our waterways and a clean and healthy environment.  Priorities include: natural area preservation, parks and greenspace and environmental education.

Photo by: Cahaba River Society

Advocate for Fair Policy:

Civic engagement and issue conversations can advance policies that promote well-being, the common good and adequate opportunities for all people and communities.  Advocacy using policy research, communication and education helps to inform citizens and elected officials and is supported.